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Furniture Delivery Singapore

Sofa Delivery
At Vantage Delivery , we also provide furniture delivery service in Singapore. This service are for furniture that are either too large to be fitted into your vehicle or requires the utmost care by a furniture courier.

This form of furniture delivery is pretty common with eBay businesses and online furniture shop. We are able to provide additional assistance at either the pickup or the dropoff locations if required.

Vantage delivery, we value our customer’s item as our utmost priority. Using the right vehicle, to meet your delivery needs is essential to us as we would like our customer’s goods to be at its tip-top condition after the delivery.

The booking process is pretty simple. You have to simply let us know the furniture that you need to be delivered, address of both locations, lift-landing at both locations.

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We believe that Vantage Delivery is in a position of strategic advantage because our faith lies in a Greater God, whom we entrust our plans to him.

Vantage Delivery service prides itself with excellent yet affordable delivery service. We have been serving this industry for more than 3 years.

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